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Monday, April 10, 2017

Deuteronomy 33:25 "Strength For Today, Today"

I was reading about a college professor who came into his class one day and hung a giant piece of white paper up on the board. Down in the bottom corner of the paper was a black dot.

He asked his students to tell him what they saw. Every one of the students said they saw a black dot. The teacher said, "That's interesting. Doesn't anyone see a huge sheet of white paper? After all, the dot is just one tiny spot on an very big piece of paper."

But, that's the way we are, isn't it? We tend to focus on the details and miss the bigger picture. Sometimes we focus on the dot of our present circumstances and miss the bigger picture of what God has already done for us, and what He will certainly continue to do. 

We sometimes focus on the wrong things -temporary things -and loose sight of the fact that "the Lord our God is a great and awesome God." And when we loose sight of the fact that God is a good God, God is a great God, God is an awesome God, we get overwhelmed.

In Dueteronomy 33:25, God says, "Your strength will equal your days." There is no strength for Monday on Sunday. Monday will get here soon enough. Use the strength God gives you for today, today. Trust that God will, indeed, give you strength for tomorrow, tomorrow. When we run ahead of our strength, we run out of strength. God will provide what we need when we need it, and He will provide exactly the right amount to meet the need. That's the way He works.

Let's try to see God's big sheet of white paper and not just the small black dot of current circumstances and frustrations.

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